BEA/Bondsman Firearms Qualification



The Gold Card is a Bail Enforcement Agent / Bondsman firearms permit required by the state of Connecticut of anyone carrying a firearm while in the course of their duties as a licensed surety bond agent, professional bond agent, or BEA. This course covers the use of force, liability, ballistics, tactics, and shooting positions. Additionally students must qualify on each firearm they intend to carry. We strongly advise students to practice with their firearm(s) prior to taking this course, as the qualifying range is no place to work out equipment malfunctions or learn to use a new firearm. Students should have at least 300 rounds of ammunition, 3 spare magazines, and a strong side holster with a retention device. Course time is spent primarily on the firing range. Students must have a CT pistol permit and firearm prior to taking this course.

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Students who already possess a gold card may sign up for this course at a reduced rate in order to qualify on additional firearms.