Combined Bondsman/BEA Course



Our combined course is a 40 hour criminal justice course approved by the CT State Department of Public Safety and the State Department of Insurance for those wishing to become licensed Bail Enforcement Agents or surety bondsmen in the State of Connecticut. The course covers a number of topics including the history of bail and bail enforcement, laws of arrest, the use of force, and state statutes governing bail enforcement agents. This course also includes both the OCAT O.C. ceritifcation and PATH handcuffing certification courses. Students who demonstrate proficiency in the use of O.C. and Handcuffing will receive 2 year certifications in those programs, while students unable to demonstrate proficiency will receive a certificate of attendance for those programs. During the course students will use real case files to practice and prepare to work ethically as a Bail Enforcement Agent in Connecticut.

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  • Any Felony Conviction
  • 21a-279: Possession of Narcotics
  • 53a-58: Criminally Negligent Homicide
  • 53a-61: Assault 3rd
  • 53a-61a: Assault of an elderly or disabled person
  • 53a-62: Threatening 2nd
  • 53a-63: Reckless endangerment 1st
  • 53a-96: Unlawful Restraint 2nd
  • 53a-173: Failure to Appear 2nd
  • 53a-175: Riot in the 1st
  • 53a-176: Riot in the 2nd
  • 53a-178: Inciting to Riot
  • 53a-181d: Stalking 2nd